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The American bully has the formidable appearance looking like a weight lifter who is spent his life working out in the gym.
Huge dense muscles a short gleaming coat and a large toothy grin. These dogs turn head that's for sure.  Loved by many but equally feared by others to their appearance being similar to certain banned fighting breeds. Coming in full recognized sizes pocket standard classic and XL. With something you unrecognized XXL ones appearing around the globe. they certainly are a topic of conversation.

The pocket size the males can weight  thirty seven kilograms making them heavy !! No they won’t feet in your pocket.

The American Bully is one of the fastest growing species of dogs. Historically, the UKC (The United Kennel Club) acknowledged this breed in 2013. The United Kennel Club came out categorically to state that the American Bully was raised via the integration of breeds of dogs including the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, and the Olde English Bulldog. According also, to the American Bully Kennel Club(ABKC) stated that the American Bully came about as a result of the organization’s desire to produce a breed of dog that is not only possessed a reduced drive but also possesses the nature of a bully that the American Staffordshire Terrier posses (The American Bully Registry, 2017).
The American Bully is highly adaptable, laid back while simultaneously exhibiting friendliness as well as energy (United Kennel Club: American Bully, 2013). According to investigations and findings, unlike the Pit-bull breed, these dogs are great companions of children. Behaviours like tugging at the ears and tails which trigger provocative reactions from other breeds of dogs are welcomed by the American Bully. These dogs are very protective of their owners and loyal to their owners. The maintenance of these dogs according to research is very minimal in terms of nutrition. Some large dogs appear to be unintelligence in conduct but the American Bully takes an exception to this generalization. This breed is also extremely extroverted and is ready to please their owners.
The American Bully tends to have a variety of health problems including coronary diseases, skin infections, etc. Hence they tend to pose a serious health risk to its owner as well as those that associate with them. In terms of lifespan, the American Bully, compared to other breeds of dogs do not have an extended or elongated lifespan and because of this, I do not own an American Bully. I’m one of those individuals who place a huge premium on the longevity of my properties and this includes my pets as well.
I am a good sportsman. I engage in athletic activities a whole lot. I’d love to go out with my pets. The American Bully, most of the time isn’t naturally a good athlete and this will take a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to raise the dog’s athletic abilities. The American Bully is an extrovert by personality and I am an introvert. So our personalities I’d have one would be mutually exclusive. Adding to the health concern a raised previously, some breeders tend to dose these dogs with high amounts of steroids. The function of this steroid is to increase the muscles of the dog’s body, therefore, giving it a muscular appearance. These drugs, when they cease to function, make the bodies of these dogs shrink. This shrinkage raises other health concerns as well as the maintenance of these dogs. This will, in return raise the maintenance of this breed. These are the reasons why I do not own an American Bully.
If any of you do possess any an American Bully, kindly post a picture or pictures of them. I hear that American Bully appears lovelier in photographs.

Sincerely hope you had a  good time reading this.


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