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how saxophone reeds are made ?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Saxophone reeds can be expensive,unless you choose an artificial reed. Cane reeds are made up of natural products (incidentally they're not wood, the things they're made up of is really a grass) and most manufacturers seem to come short when it involves internal control .

Interesting Facts About Saxophone Reeds by Jimmy Sax Black

1. The differences between the brands isn't as big as you would possibly think.

One of the primary things to think about when purchasing a saxophone reed is which brand to shop for . Every saxophone player has their personal favorite, but in terms of sound quality, the differences between the brands are minimal. Personally, I started with Vandoren reeds and have always come to them as a private choice. However, I even have had success with Rico and Vandoren reeds. Rico and Vandoren reeds are a touch bit costlier but they are doing have quite good percentage of fantastic reeds per box.

2. There are ways of predicting which reeds will play best.

Saxophone reeds became quite pricy so it’s important to understand what to shop for before you create a sale . Some music stores won't allow you to pore over reed boxes to seek out the simplest reeds, but if they allow you to , there are a couple of signs of a nasty reed which you ought to remember of:

Discoloration of the grain